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Healthy Crispy Hasselback Potatoes Recipes

 Healthy Crispy Hasselback Potatoes are an extraordinary potato side. Showered with oil, prepared, and into the broiler till the cuts start to separate and change the tone. Out of the stove at that point slathered in margarine and rich panko morsels. Then, at that point another session in the broiler to get done with crisping. We love to heat these with entire handles of garlic to spread over the potato leaves. Delish!

Simmering Garlic

Simmering entire handles of garlic make the garlic rich and smooth. The flavor is sweet and smooth, not sharp, and impactful as it is when crude. Just split the handles up into cloves when simmered and smear a little on each cut of your Healthy Crispy Hasselback Potatoes.

Our companion Carol develops sublime natural garlic which is the thing that we have utilized here. None of this garlic that is dyed white for us much obliged! 

Fresh Potatoes

We utilized huge, unpeeled, even estimated washed potatoes for our dish which weighed around 190 g (7 ounces) each. You can utilize littler potatoes and alter the cooking time.

The spoon stunt

The secret to making your Hasselback into accordion-like even cuts is to sit your potato on an enormous kitchen spoon. The sides of the spoon stop you from cutting entirely through and give an even profundity for the cut of Healthy Crispy Hasselback Potatoes.

Margarine consistently improves it

We start cooking these potatoes with oil and season them. Following an hour of cooking, you eliminate them from the broiler and generously brush with spread which turns them brilliant earthy colored. To complete, you throw some dissolved spread through some panko breadcrumbs and sprinkle the potatoes with them. They turn all brilliant and crunchy and truly carry a great deal to the potato party.

Healthy Crispy Hasselback Potatoes Ingredients

  1. indeed, even measured potatoes of your decision
  2. vegetable oil to sprinkle every potato
  3. salt and pepper to prepare
  4. handles of entire garlic – the same number of as you like
  5. dissolved spread to brush your potatoes with and a little to cover the panko pieces
  6. panko breadcrumbs to sprinkle over your potatoes


  • preheat broiler to 200 c (390 f) on prepare, not a fan
  • cut a circle of preparing paper sufficiently huge to cover the lower part of your dish
  • cut potatoes utilizing the spoon strategy portrayed previously
  • place potatoes in a container sufficiently huge to take them leaving some space between every one
  • sprinkle every potato with some oil, season with salt and pepper
  • place the skillet in the broiler and set your clock for 50 minutes – accepting you are utilizing a huge estimated potato (see notes above on potatoes)
  • cut the top from the garlic leaving the cloves uncovered, and sprinkle with a little oil
  • eliminate skillet from broiler and include garlic handles, prepare for a further 30 minutes
  • eliminate skillet from broiler and brush potatoes with dissolved spread
  • return skillet to broiler for a further 15 minutes
  • sprinkle some panko morsels with a little softened margarine till simply covered
  • eliminate skillet from the stove and sprinkle panko pieces over potatoes
  • re-visitation of broiler and prepare till panko pieces are brilliant earthy colored (around 15 minutes)
  • serve and appreciate it!