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Low Carb Avocado Pancakes Recipe

 I failed to remember that I have a lot of avocados! They snicked behind containers and were so delicate. I needed to accomplish something with them and these Low Carb Avocado Pancakes were the least demanding thing that I could do at that point and it was my first time making them. 

3 Low Carb Avocado Pancakes Ingredients

These avocado hotcakes are made with just 3 primary fixings, avocado, eggs, and coconut flour. Almost no coconut flour is sufficient to make a genuinely enormous blend. 

If you don't care for coconut flour, don't hesitate to utilize some other nut flour. 

Almond flour is my subsequent most loved flour to make these hotcakes. 

Notwithstanding the essential fixings, you will in any case add psyllium husks if you have, preparing pop and salt. I don't check these fixings because the majority of you as of now have them at home and use them every day. 

How to store Low Carb Avocado Pancakes? 

You can leave the flapjacks one day or overnight at room temperature if you intend to eat them later or the following day. 

Since the flapjacks contain eggs, it is smarter to store them in the ice chest for as long as a week and perhaps more on the off chance that you see that all is well with them. However, leave them covered. 

Elements for making Low Carb Avocado Pancakes

  • 2 avocado 
  • 3 eggs 
  • 3 tbsp coconut flour 
  • 1 tbsp psyllium husks 
  • 1/2 tsp preparing pop or heating powder 
  • 1/3 tsp salt 
  • water if excessively thick 

How to make Low Carb Avocado Pancakes?

  1. Add avocado and eggs to a blending bowl. With the hand blender or food processor, mix until smooth. 
  2. In the combination, add 3 tbsp coconut flour, psyllium husks, 1/2 tsp heating pop, salt and blend again until everything is pleasantly joined. 
  3. On the off chance that the hotcake combination is excessively thick, add a smidgen of water. 
  4. Add coconut oil to the skillet and with a frozen yogurt spoon scoop hitter into the dish and cook from each side a few minutes until brilliant earthy colored.