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Homemade Soft Vegan Flour Tortillas Recipe

 Homemade Soft Vegan Flour Tortillas is so delicate and soft – a flavorful and solid option in contrast to customary Mexican tortillas. This simple formula is made with just 5 basic fixings and should be possible totally by hand. They're better and taste such a great amount in a way that is better than the bundled stuff.

The key to the too delicate surface is to utilize heated water (not bubbling). On the first occasion when I made them I was unable to accept how delicate and delectable these vegetarian tortillas are, and it's made without fat or margarine!


Customary flour tortilla formula utilizes grease, and the vegetarian tortillas utilize vegetable oil. I have tried various sorts of fat, and locate no critical distinction regarding surface or taste. So I enthusiastically suggest making this veggie lover form as it's so a lot better.

DO I HAVE TO USE BAKING POWDER TO MAKE Homemade Soft Vegan Flour Tortillas?

No, you don't need to. Some flour tortilla plans call for heating powder, and some don't. It's a raising specialist that makes your tortillas puffy with air bubbles.

I normally use it as it produces tortillas with a superior surface, yet on the off chance that you don't have any available, you can in any case make flour tortillas without heating powder.


You can utilize them to go with numerous Mexican dishes, for example, burritos and tacos. Add some veggie lover fillings, for example, spinach for a vegan or vegetarian dinner. You can likewise make them into Tortilla Chips, or use them as wraps or in tortilla soup.

HOW LONG DO Homemade Soft Vegan Flour Tortillas LAST?

It's ideal to eat these veggie-lover tortillas the very day. They can be left at room temperature for around 12 hours, and you'll have to store them in an impermeable compartment or ziptop pack in the fridge and they can keep going for 4-5 days. Then again, envelop them in foil, place them in a ziptop pack, and they can last as long as a half year in the cooler.

TIPS FOR MAKING AIRY AND FLUFFY Homemade Soft Vegan Flour Tortillas

Utilizing high temp water is vital. Boiling water is the mystery for the too delicate surface, as it takes into consideration a higher proportion of fluid to be utilized, coming about a delicate batter. The water should be hot, however not bubbling for the best outcomes.

Blend the fixings well and manipulate the batter appropriately. At that point set aside enough effort to allow the batter to rest. This is significant for making your tortillas light and soft.

Change the warmth while cooking tortillas. Warmth up the skillet before adding the crude tortilla, else, it could adhere to the dish. Contingent upon the thickness of your tortilla, it can require 30-60 seconds to cook each side. Marginally increment the warmth if your tortilla doesn't frame rises on a superficial level following 1 moment. Turn the warmth down marginally if dark spots structure in under 20 seconds or they become excessively fresh.

Homemade Soft Vegan Flour Tortillas Ingredients

  • 3 cups universally handy flour in addition to some extra for sprinkling
  • 1 teaspoon heating powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup high temp water not bubbling water


  1. Make the mixture: In a huge blending, the bowl adds universally handy flour, salt, and heating powder. Blend well.
  2. Make a well in the middle, and add oil, and mix until it takes after coarse scraps.
  3. Pour in steaming hot water and mix to join. Massage it for around 2 minutes until the batter is smooth and versatile. (On the off chance that you press your finger on the mixture and it springs back and is not, at this point tacky, your batter is prepared.
  4. Separation and level the batter: Transfer the mixture to a well-flour surface, and gap it into 16 equivalent parts.
  5. Fold each piece into a little ball, and let them rest for around 15 minutes (and as long as 60 minutes).
  6. In the wake of resting, push down the ball with your palm. Utilizing a gently floured moving pin, fold each piece into a hover around 6 creeps in distance across or until it is extremely meager.
  7. Cook the tortillas: Place a cast-iron skillet on medium-high warmth. At the point when it's extremely hot, place one bit of uncooked tortillas into the skillet. Cook for 30-60 seconds or until bubbles begins to shape on a superficial level. (Before setting the tortilla in the skillet, shake off any overabundance of flour. On the off chance that there is any flour left in your skillet, clear it out between cooking tortillas.)
  8. Flip it and you should see brilliant earthy colored spots on a superficial level. Cook the opposite side for around 30-60 seconds. (On the off chance that it takes more time for you to see air pockets or earthy colored spots, increment the warmth likewise)
  9. Serve warm and appreciate!